Brewing Philosophy

The farmhouse brewing movement from the hand crafted beer community is an effort by those who strive to produce exceptional beer. The rustic nature of making beer in a more primitive and authentic environment drives our process. It hosts peculiar and expressive organisms that represent a model of beer that spans a gap in brewing prehistory. This form of brewing resists adherence to any style guidelines because the beer’s profile can be as varied as the imagination: bold or mild, light or dark, sweet or bitter. Creating distinctive, unique flavors and giving the natural process full credit is at the heart of farmhouse brewing. A blend of yeasts including the family Brettanomyces is required to achieve the desired character, where a chorus of microorganisms creates fruity, spicy, and peppery flavors and aromas. No preservatives, filtering or pasteurization ensure that fine flavors and delicate aromas are preserved. The champagne bottle, finished with a cork and cage is a very traditional presentation for farmhouse ales, and it will accommodate the high pressures that are produced during bottled conditioning.

Get To Know Our Beer

Amite Duroc

Farmhouse Porter
Bottle Conditioned

6.5% alc. vol | 1 Pint, 9.4 Fluid Oz

Porter is a style with a well-known history. Early in the craft brewing movement this type of beer was heartily embraced, and still today, many breweries proudly offer excellent versions of this old stand-by. Classic Porter is a fairly rare thing. Barrel aged, naturally carbonated in the bottle, farmhouse porters are a delicious hint of what a true artisanal ale can taste like.

Farmhouse Saison

Franco-Belgian Style Ale
Bottle Conditioned

6.5% alc. vol | 1 Pint, 9.4 Fluid Oz

Saison is a flagship beer for Chappapeela Farms. An incredible depth of taste is delivered from barrels flavors, fruit esters, and organic acid development. Effervescence and cross over sensations akin to tasty wines and champagnes will be found in our Farmhouse Saison, where we excel with a style of beer that is often awkwardly executed.

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